Bowflex 310 Pound Rod Upgrade Review

Bowflex 310 Pound Rod Upgrade Review – A Necessity Or Better Off Avoided? If you’re a customer of Bowflex and have experienced the company’s home gym, you likely love the machine, but have probably discovered a few of its limitations. Depending on the specific model that you purchase, you may only be able to obtain 210 o 220 pounds of resistance. Although this may be sufficient for beginners, it is unfortunately not enough for veteran body builders.

The good news is that this problem can be easily rectified with the Bowflex 310-Pound Rod upgrade. The bar is designed to work with all Bowflex gyms, which feature the Power Rod technology. Is it a necessity and how difficult is the upgrade? Continue reading to find out.

With an increasing number of 258 reviews, and a star rating of 4.1 out of 5, you can attest to the fact, that this is of the best pound rod upgrade system.

Bowflex 310 Pound Rod Upgrade Reviews

Bowflex 310 Pound Rod Upgrade

Those that want to increase the intensity of their workouts will definitely want to consider upgrading with the 310-pound rod. This specific product can only be used with a handful of Bowflex gyms, including the models listed below.

Xtreme and Xtreme 2
Power Pro

As you know, these models only deliver 210-pounds of resistance. The 310-Pound Rod Upgrade includes two rod attachments, with each weighing 50 pounds. By putting two and two together, you’ll easily discover that the upgrade will elevate the weight limitations of your home gym to 310 pounds.

Once you’ve made the transition, you can then add two additional rods and increase the weight maximum to 410 pounds, if desired. Be advised that the upgrade rods are not supported by the Motivator 2 or Ultimate models.

Installation Process

Many Bowflex customers have yet to make the upgrade, because they’re worried about the complexity of the installation process. They mistakenly believe that the procedure will be time consuming and frustrating.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although you will need a few household tools, the majority of people will be able to make the upgrade within a matter of minutes. In order to proceed, you’ll need to remove your machine’s rod block and pop off the two covers.

Using a screw driver is highly recommended. Once the covers have been removed, you will be able to see the installation ports at the bottom of the block. Grab one rod and slide it into the designated hole. Secure the rod with the included screw and repeat the process for the other rod. Truly, as long as you’re capable of carrying around 50 pounds of weight, you won’t need any help making the upgrade on your own.


If you’re worried about making the purchase, you shouldn’t be. In order to quell the buyer’s concerns, Bowflex covers the upgrade rods with a lifetime warranty. This doesn’t factor in the warranty of your home gym, which is typically around 7 years, but may vary from model to model. Nonetheless, the upgrade rods will last and serve you for the remainder of your life.

A Necessity?

When purchasing a Bowflex home gym, the majority of consumers will immediately believe that 210 pounds will be more than sufficient. Although some consumers will be able to acquire a worthwhile workout with this limited weight, others will not.

This is especially true, if you intend to do certain exercises, such as calf raises. You’ll need to consider your own capabilities, before trying to determine whether or not you need the additional weight. For many people, the upgrade will prove to be a necessity. The Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade is low cost and it can help to increase the longevity and versatility of your home gym. So, it is well worth considering, regardless of your current strength level.

Advantages of Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade

  • Very affordable and enhances the lifespan of your home gym
  • Elevates weight limit to 310 pounds and makes 410 pounds a possibility
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Installation process couldn’t be easier
  • Ensures you have what is needed to achieve your fitness goals

Disadvantages of Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade

  • Might not be a necessity for everyone
  • Another investment for an expensive home gym
  • Overall Assessment

When it boils down to it, all consumers, who own a Bowflex Power Rod home gym, owe it to themselves to consider making the upgrade. Doing so will give you the ability to improve the efficiency of your workouts, while also increasing the longevity of your home gym. If you can achieve both goals at such a minute cost, you should definitely make it a priority to do so.